Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Runner"?

A Runner is the term given to our professionally trained and safety conscious delivery drivers, delivering the essentials to you!

Where do you deliver to?

At present, we offer same-day delivery to anywhere within our Delivery Zone. This includes Richmond-upon Thames, Kew, Teddington, Sunbury, Chiswick, Brentford, Twickenham, St Margaret’s and many other places.  Unfortunately due to heavy demand, at present we cannot accept orders from further afield. Check out our Delivery Zone for further information.

How can I pay?

Payment can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Paypal

Can I select a delivery slot?

All orders placed before 12:00pm noon will be delivered same day. Orders placed on or after 12:00pm noon, will be guaranteed delivery next day. We understand that you need your essentials fast, however we can not give a specific time slot.

Can I change my order once it's been placed?

Due to the rapid delivery process, once an order has been placed, it is unfortunately not possible to make any alterations to it.

How does contactless delivery work?

Our professionally trained Runners, wearing gloves, will leave your order on your doorstep, ring your doorbell and then retreat to a safe distance of over 2 metres. The Runners will then wait whilst you check you are happy with your order before departing.

Can I place an order to deliver for somebody else?

Absolutely, yes! Our Packs are great way of showing your loved ones that you're thinking of them.

Do you offer any products other than what is listed on your website?

Unfortunately, not. We wish to only deliver essentials to you during the COVID-19 crisis.

What are your environmental credentials?

All orders are delivered in recyclable paper bags and we always aim to keep packaging to an absolute minimum.  We aim to deliver all orders by bicycle or electric vehicle, but occasionally due to demand we have to resort to using standard vehicles.  We hope to have a fully-electric fleet in the near future.

What is your return policy?

As many of our items are perishable, we are unable to accept returns once a delivery has been completed.  We ask that you carefully check your order and report any problems to your Runner who will aim to resolve them immediately.

What happens if you run out of a product?

In the very unlikely event we are unable to supply the product as advertised, we will swap it for a product comparable in brand and size or better. The Runners will make you aware of this change upon delivery. If you are not satisfied with this change, the Runners will take the item back and you will be fully refunded for that particular item.

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